2013 Running Goals

2013. Let’s try this again. 2012 was a big giant bust in the running world for me. It started out well with a 10K PR and the door was shut with that race as well. With the tug of a hamstring, it left me high and dry the rest of the first half of 2012. I never recovered mentally. I burned out. I was injured. It just wasn’t my year.

I’m back. Though I haven’t been running a lot, I’ve been going to the gym and working out a lot more (well, considering working out was lifting a beer or glass of wine most of the summer…). So with that, here’s the fitness goals for 2013:
Work out at least 4x a week
*Sub 1:35 half marathon (gulp)
*Sub 3:30 marathon (GULP)
*Enjoy fitness and if not, the time goals above are null and void
*Develop some kind of pack abs 
*Complete Barre Burn class without the bar (for a non coordinated person this will be tough)

Race wise in 2013?
*Connemara Half Marathon in Ireland (April 7)
*Brooklyn Half Marathon (May >???)
*Mohawk-Hudson Marathon (October 13)
*New York City Marathon (November 3)

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  1. Celia says:

    welcome back! I am interested in your half goal too :) eek.

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