Is this thing on?

I’ve been neglecting the blog but certainly not life. I wish I could put into words what the last year of my life has been like. I simply can’t. It’s been a crazy year but in a way it was my year of me. It truly was a year in that I figured out a lot of things which took me away from running. You see, I started to manage what I was running away from.

I won’t go into detail but the happy-go-lucky person on the outside wasn’t really the one on the inside. To those that helped crack me, I can’t thank enough. The journey is never done but I feel like I’m starting to figure out my path. And by path I mean feeling truly alive and enjoying what each day brings. Carpe diem!

So what happened?

I resigned from the only job I had since college, got a new job, traveled to the Bahamas alone, redecorated my apartment and started to do a lot more things to define me. Its good stuff just took me away from well, running.  Hence, the blog has been dormant.

I’m trying to get back in the swing of that running thing.  I signed up for the Philly half in November but I’m having trouble getting that drive back.  Starting a new job and everything else has shifted me away from getting entirely focused into training.  I would like to get into that routine again.  It’s odd – it seems like quite a few of my friends are experiencing the same funk right now.  It’s not that I divorced running – we have suffered a slight separation since spring time.

On the agenda this weekend is Grete’s Great Gallop.  I’m looking to run it as a training run with some pace work thrown in.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ll get my groove back.

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  1. Yay for many good changes, and hopefully some bridge runs in our future? Meet you on the WSH?

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