Fairfield Half/ 1:46:13

Going into this race, I had no expectations.  I have been doing some speed work but kind of in a bit of a relaxed mode before ramping up towards fall training.  So my goals for today?  Enjoy the run.  Feel solid.  Finish strong.  The profile for this course was hilly to say the least but I had heard such great things about it I couldn’t resist.  Plus with the deluxe accommodations being offered by Will Run For Beer how could I resist?  I mean she lives down the street where the chimp went bizerk and attacked…yikes.  Anyway, Saturday afternoon we boarded metro north and headed up to Connecticut.  It’s  a much better way to go than that no good traffic.  Upon arrival a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs, salad, garlic bread was cooked for us by the world renown Will Run For Beer.  Nothing burned down so that’s a plus. Anyway, after some good food and drinks (another beer pre-race) it was time to get some rest (imagine a bad high school party and that was our night).  Rest came in the way of random fireworks going off (I thought this was nature?) and random men talking til 2am. I missed most of it as I was conked out and apparently will sleep through WWIII.

Race morning.  It was time to dress in my new uniform colors.  Check it out:
new singlet
After picking up my number and dropping off my baggage we headed over to the start.  I was with @bkcalamity and @mdwstrnNYer.  We started heading up closer to the start line looking for Runners Kitchen.  She ended up finding us and we chatted til it was go time.  The odd thing about this race?   They had separate men’s and women’s starts!  To tell you how not serious I was, I wore headphones to just kind of zone out (when I’m in race mode there’s no headphones, just me and the road).  As the race started, Runners Kitchen and I were about at an even pace.  Just before mile 1 we started chatting and realized we really had the same ambition today. It was a delight to have someone to take on the hills and enjoy a decent effort long run. We chatted for the better part of 3/4 of the run until we picked it up a bit. It’s always interesting to me how you get to know someone.  Running definitely does that and it made the miles FLY by.  Sure there were hills but we were too busy chatting the miles away to even notice I think!

The first half was pretty reserved with most miles headed north of 8 minutes.  We decided to try and run the last 5k a bit harder but just enjoy the run overall.  The scenery could be described as real estate porn.  Some of the houses you could fit about 1000 of my apartments in.  It was a bit ridiculous.  But as I told Runners Kitchen, I love my 650 sq feet:)  The crowd support was phenomenal and the bands were great (yay bag pipes!).  Hey Philly Rock n Roll you could learn a lesson or two from this race!

We finished with the exact same time, 1:46:13.  Good for 39th in my age group and  felt amazing.  I’m really happy to put together this type of race where I was able to converse pretty much the entire way.  I’m excited to build off this base towards my bigger 1/2 goals for the fall.  I can’t thank Runners Kitchen enough for running with me!  Fantastic how things work out sometimes.  As I told her, I’m a social runner so when given the chance I love getting to run with others.  Now, if I’m all out racing, there’s no time to be a chatterbox but when this type of opportunity arises, why not!

Runners Kitchen and I post race

Hooray for watermelon and great company!

The finish area was great!   They had food and drinks!  RIght away I wanted to bee line to the watermelon.  How refreshing.  Then there was the fire cracker ice pops, lemonade, pizza, etc.  Oh and did I mention it ended on a beach?  What a fun race!

post race! look for us out at the races!

the back of the shirts!


Sunset last night was pretty good stuff.  I didn’t edit these at all.  This never EVER gets old.

Sunset 6.26.11

Simply fantastic.

The ESB celebrates pride weekend!

Up next? RUNCATION!!!!!!! YAY!


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  1. Kelly says:

    nice work! So fun that you and Megan found each other and ran together! Your pictures are just ridiculous. Love.

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  3. Love those pics of the skyline!

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